Wembley Park Parking - Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)


  • Are you the Official Wembley Parking site?

We are the Official Parking for the Wembley National Stadium, SSE Arena, Wembley and the LDO (London Designer Outlet) Wembley Park

  • Where is the parking?

All the parking is located on the Wembley Park Estate. All Car Parks are a few minutes’ walk from the various venues.  If arriving under sat-nav direction, the postcodes for the Car Parks can befound on the booking page

  • What car park will I be parked in?

Your car will be parked in the car park that you chose on booking, we reserve the right to change allocated car parks as instructed by Wembley

  • What time do car parks open & close for Wembley Stadium & SSE Arena, Wembley events?

For Wembley Stadium events car parks open at 7am and close at midnight at the Stadium car parks, for our other car parks please check the booking page for this information. For SSE Arena Wembley events car parks open for SSE Arena, Wembley customers 4 hours before event doors and close 2 hours after the event ends

  • How much does the parking cost?

Pricing is shown per event and per parking location.  Prices may change per event so please check your event date for latest prices. The Tariff boards are displayed on entry to each Car Park

  • If I leave the car park, can I come back in?

Once your car has left the car park there will be no re-entry

  • Why are you charging Stadium prices when the show is in the SSE Arena?

Stadium prices take precedent when both venues are in operation

  • Do you have disabled (Blue Badge) parking?

Yes, we do, Blue Badge parking is in the Yellow & Red Car Parks close to the Stadium and Arena.  (Reduced price for Blue Badge only applies to car-sized vehicles). There is no free parking as this is a private Car Park

  • What is classified as an ‘Event Day’?

Event day is a Stadium or Arena event that is advertised on our event listing – i.e. The FA Cup Final or Adele

  • Can I book for Wembley Stadium Tours?

You can pre book Coaches for Wembley Stadium Tours at a reduced rate and park in the Yellow car park.  Cars may simply use the ‘pay on foot’ machines and park in the Yellow car park

  • What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major debit and credit cards (Visa credit, Visa debit, Mastercard and Maestro). We use a secure third party payment provider who will never share your payment details with us, ensuring a secure payment experience. Please note American Express is not accepted at the “pay on foot” machines.  

  • How will I know if I have booked successfully?

Once your order has been processed and payment accepted you would receive a ‘Booking Reference Number’ by email, this is your proof of purchase and receipt.  You will need this to access the car park.  We advise that you either print off, or show on your smart phone for access to the car park. Our event day marshals have full list of the pre booked customers

  • I am using a different car to the one I booked?

     You may change your vehicle details by going into the ‘My Booking’ option, add requested details and click to change the reg, you are unable to amend the reg on the actual event day

  • I have booked the wrong date?

       You will need to cancel and rebookcorrect date: Go into the ‘My Booking’ option, add requested details, click booking ref        number then click 'cancel booking'

  • Can I get a refund on my booking?

     You may cancel the booking by going into the ‘My Booking’ option, add requested details, click the circle at the front and         go to 'Action' box at the end of the page and click 'cancel booking', you may not cancel on the day of the event

  • I want to speak to someone about the event I attended?

     Please email your enquiry to the following email  within 48 hours of the event info@wembleyop.com

  • Can I pay cash for my parking?

     Please note, we only accept credit or debit card payment at the Wembley Complex

  • How long does it take to exit the car parks?

Exit times can vary: Police and local authority will close surrounding streets to enable pedestrians to leave safely, and will require us to hold the vehicles in our car parks until the pedestrian flow has reduced to a safe level

  • Are there height restrictions at the car parks?

    Red car park - 2.45m, Lonsdale Avenue - 2.1m, Preston Road - 2.1m


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